Columbia Therapy

The Benefits of Therapy:

  • More effective for treating depression than taking medication alone.
  • Improved control for hyperactive and or distractible children
  • Address behavior problems in children and adults which may be arising at school, work or at home.
  • To improve academic performance
  • Improve sleeping issues and decreasing bedwetting
  • Improve family interactions
  • Learning how to handing emotions
  • Decrease aggressive outbursts
  • Helping mend relationships
  • Substance abuse and sexual abuse acting out.

Getting STARTED:

To get started, first contact our office and make a first time visit appointment.

When you call, confirm whether your insurance is accepted or discuss a payment method.

For your First Visit:

Please fill out these forms and bring with you for your first visit along with any referrals if needed.

For the first visit, please expect to be in our office 1-2 hours.


Please bring your Insurance Card and Photo ID for your first visit along with the paper work.

New Client Information (Adult) New Client Information (Child) HIPAA-Notice of Privacy Practices Agreement and Consent